What is Varaform?

Varaform is a lightweight, rigid and remoldable thermoplastic that has been used for years in the medical and veterinary industry, as well as for theater, stage, screen and conservation efforts. It’s archival, non toxic and skin safe. It’s made of a cotton mesh that is impregnated with a thermoplastic resin that activates at 70°C or 160°F.

What about this site?

This website has been created by Cosplaysupplies.com to help our customers see what can be done with Varaform, as well as having easy access to tutorials and instructions, as there is very limited information available online at this time. Because we are only carrying Varaform Light at this time, our information will be focused on that specific product.

Where to buy Varaform?

Varaform can be purchased through Cosplaysupplies.com.

How to use Varaform?

Check out our Instructions Page for in-depth instructions, but for the basics:
Varaform works best shaped over a form or mold. Heat your Varaform with warm water or a heat gun. Apply to your mold or shape and stretch and ease the Varaform into place. Allow to cool before removing. Varaform can be reheated as many times as necessary and cut with standard craft scissors.

Where has Varaform been used?

Varaform doesn’t have a lot of images of it being used out in the wilds of the internet – something we intend to fix! You can check out our gallery here, but also if YOU have used Varaform to make something, we’d love to see and share it! You can email Amanda@Cosplaysupplies.com with the subject “Varaform Project” and we’ll happily share your images with credit.